What you are
tomorrow, depends
on what you do today

Risk free

Unlike more radical futurist technologies, preserving your DNA with iClone is simple and risk free, allowing you to continue with the life you have now, while still preparing for the possibility of creating a new life in the future.

Your DNA will be collected, processed and preserved by one of the world’s leading companies in the field, and presented in a bespoke sealed capsule that will keep your DNA viable for years to come.

Our leading lawyers will create all the legal documents and binding contracts required to ensure your wishes are detailed and followed to the letter. They’ll also arrange life insurance, and create a trust, to guarantee that money is available in the future to fund cloning from your DNA when this becomes possible.

We’ll also arrange to store all your information, from medical records, to how and where you want your clone to live, in a secure database in The Cloud. What’s more, we’ll update this storage regularly, so it’s guaranteed to be accessible when the time comes for cloning, however far in the future that may be.