One day, diseases like
cancer, Altzheimers
and heart disease
will be a thing of the past

Benefit from tomorrows medicine

Groundbreaking genetic techniques are being used to explore, and to cure, diseases every day. For example, scientists at Temple University, Philadelphia, have pioneered a method of cutting the HIV code out of infected DNA, and doctors at Great Ormond Street recently cured two babies of leukemia using genetic engineering.

Modern medicine is advancing rapidly, but unfortunately it may not advance fast enough to help you in your lifetime. By preserving your DNA, you can make sure that your genetic blueprint will be around when medicine catches up with your condition, allowing science to create a version of you that is free from disease.

And it doesn’t stop there. Future genetic engineering techniques and technology will allow you to not only choose good health, but also select every other detail about you, from your height to the colour of your eyes, creating a clone that is the perfect version of you that you’ve always wanted to be.