iClone brings
together all the
experts you need
to secure your future

The experts you need

At iClone DNA, we don’t pretend to have all the answers; no one does. Human cloning is right at the cutting edge of genetic science, pushing back the boundaries of both what is possible, and what is acceptable.

What we do have is a vision of the future. A vision in which your DNA can be used to create a new life, free of disease, free of the effects of aging, free of any of the restrictions that currently hold you back.

iClone DNA brings together all the experts you need to make this vision a reality. From professional processing and preservation of your DNA, to expert legal preparations for the financial security of your clone, we will take care of every step on your behalf. We’ll pass on your records so you can benefit from future medical advances, and we’ll make sure all of your wishes for the future version of yourself are clearly communicated.

We make no promises of what the future holds, but we do promise that whatever happens, your DNA will be perfectly placed to take full advantage of the opportunities it brings.