What you are
tomorrow, depends
on what you do today


Will iClone actually clone me?

No, but we will make sure that everything is in place for your DNA to be cloned in the future, wherever that happens, in the world, or even on another world.

Is human cloning legal?

Not at the moment. However, laws change all the time to adapt to advancing technology, and by preserving your DNA with iClone, you’ll be perfectly placed when they do. Remember, the speed limit for the first cars was just 4mph.

Has human cloning been done?

Not officially, but cloning of animals has been successfully achieved for many years. Dolly the Sheep dates back to 1996, over twenty years ago, and lived for over six years, even producing lambs of her own.

What are the moral implications of human cloning?

The morals of cloning are up to you as an individual to decide. iClone simply offers you the opportunity to be cloned by preserving your DNA and helping you provide the finances to make this possible.

Can I change my DNA to improve my clone?

Yes. The technology already exists to genetically engineer your DNA to remove diseases and even to change the way you look. We save your medical records for future reference and document your wishes in the finest detail to make sure your clone comes out exactly how you want it to.

Why should I preserve my DNA?

Why not? You have nothing to lose by preserving your DNA, and potentially everything to gain. Future medicine could cure diseases that have held you back in this life, giving your clone a happier, healthier existence.

Will my clone have my memories and personality?

Quite simply, no one knows. Your clone could be just an identical replica of you, or we may discover that your personality is stored in your DNA and so your clone thinks and acts just like you do. Either way, it will carry your genetic blueprint into a new life in a new generation.

Why should I choose iClone?

No other company in the world offers a complete package of DNA preservation, legal and financial support. We will set up everything for you to ensure that funds are available for cloning when it happens, and that your wishes are followed to the letter.

Why should I trust iClone?

iClone use independent experts who are leaders in their field, from DNA processing and preservation, to legal and financial issues. What’s more, with our money back guarantee, you can get your DNA, and your investment for the future, back at any time.

What happens if human cloning doesn’t happen?

We believe that it will happen, and we will make sure your money, and your DNA, are kept safe until such time as it does.