iClone DNA will arrange
everything you need to
preserve your DNA, and
your wishes, for the future

DNA Preservation

iClone uses the most advanced DNA preservation method available today to deliver dependable results. Your DNA is harvested from either your saliva or from your blood, using a technique that extracts up to 5000 times more DNA than traditional swabs.

Your DNA is then purified, to remove enzymes and other contaminants, and quality checked for purity using spectrophotometry. We only select DNA of a high molecular weight to give you the very best chance of future success.

The purified DNA is encapsulated within a matrix of borosilicate glass, the same super-strong material used on the Space Shuttle and deep water submarines. It is preserved via anhydrobiosis, using a triple seal system, which in turn is stored in a bespoke steel capsule. This process does not require freezing, or any other specialist care, and your preserved DNA can be stored indefinitely at room temperature without any risk of degradation.