Whatever the future
holds in store,
we’ll make sure
you are part of it

Your destiny is in your DNA

The future is full of amazing opportunities, beyond anything we can imagine today. DNA preservation, and the possibilities of human cloning, offer you a unique chance to be part of that future.

There are many reasons why people consider cloning. Some are suffering from debilitating diseases that will inevitably be cured in the future. Others are nearing the end of their natural life and want to create a new version of themselves in the hope of extending the experience. Some even see their future on another world, as colony ships transport DNA to new planets to seed new life.

Whatever the reason for your interest, iClone is here to make sure your DNA is still around when technology, politics and ethics come together to make human cloning possible.

The science already exists, so it is only a matter of time before human cloning happens. iClone will make sure your DNA is there when it does.